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Have you ever wanted to bring home an uncapped salary without being taxed, or work from the comfort of your own home and trade around the clock? Or if you have already made the leap and changed your life for the better do you want new advanced Strategies to enhance your trades and boost your profits ? Well look no further our New to Trading and Trading Strategies packages can give you all the help and tools you need to achieve this!


Did you know 90% traders are likely to lose more money than they earn from Forex?

This is down to Poor Risk managment as a Forex Trading plan is the key to survival. Most People will dive head in first with no plan and trade with large amounts of money that they can not afford


With our help and this Blueprint of success you can become the 10% that succeed!

With our Forex trading course we will set you up with everything you need to succeed in Forex and become part of the 10% making money from the comfort of their own home whenever they want!

About Us

Over 16 years of Forex Experience

Cater to both Beginners and Experienced Traders

Provide 80 custom explainer video's and 11 Robust Trading Strategies

Fully Online Course

Welcome to the Trader Blueprint your blueprint to Forex success. If you are just starting out on your Forex Journey this is the perfect place for as you will learn the Basics of Trading all the way up to the Best strategies to use for the best results. You will Learn about the financial Markets and we will give you a platform to Kickstart your Journey.

Furthermore if you are already vastly experienced within the world of Forex we also have 11 Robust Trading Strategies to chose from that will give you the boost within your career.

Meet our Head Trader

Patrick Munelly

Patrick Munelly

Head Trader

Patrick Munnelly has been delivering profitable annual returns in Forex trading since 2008, the year he first researched, developed, tested and implemented a robust trading plan, underpinned by a rigorous risk management strategy.

With over 16 years experience in Forex Trading Patrick didn’t obtain overnight success, instead he took some big losses which motivated him put in the effort, the time and have the patience to give himself financial freedom. Our aim now along with Patrick’s is to give you the tools and knowledge to acheive this for yourself.

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