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Take a look at some of the frequent questions we have answered for customers just like you in the past, We might be able to answer you.

What is the best Forex Trading Strategy?

There is no one Strategy fits all when it comes to Trading, Just because one Trader has found success this will not mean you can always replicate. As a result this is why there are so many Trading strategies about and you will soon enough find the ones that best suit you.

How long does it take to learn Forex Trading?

This will depend on how much time an effort you put into your learning. With our Courses there is nothing stopping you from consuming the infromation we provide soaking in the basics and uncovering your best suited style in a week. Then you will need to gain expereince as this can’t be taught.

Are Forex Trading Courses worth it?

100% and we arent just saying that because we provide them, with our help, expertise and experience our aim is to feed you the knowledge and put you on the right track to succeed within Forex. As a complete beginner we have all the tools you are looking for and in contrast if you are more experienced we have strategies that you can indulge in and chose for yourself.

When can you trade Forex Sessions?

The opening and closing times are (in GMT):

  • Tokyo (Asia) – Opens at 12:00 AM GMT | Closes at 09:00 AM GMT
  • London – Opens at 07:00 AM GMT | Closes at 03:00 PM GMT
  • New York – Opens at 12:00 PM GMT | Closes at 09:00 PM GMT

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